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Marzo 8 2023
EDMO Hubs Meeting in Rome – 8,9 March 2023

IDMO is pleased to host the first EDMO Hubs meeting, which will gather all the national hubs to discuss their progress in tackling disinformation

The Italian Digital Media Observatory (IDMO) is pleased to host the first EDMO Hubs meeting, which will gather all the national hubs of the European Digital Media Observatory to discuss their progress in tackling disinformation across Europe and the rest of world, hosted at Luiss University Rome.

The meeting will bring together, for the first time in Rome, the national and regional digital media research hubs from across the EU to share their experiences, best practices and discuss their work in tackling disinformation with the aims to provide a platform for experts to discuss and exchange ideas on how to combat disinformation and promote media literacy. And it will take place in Sala delle Colonne at Luiss University, Viale Pola 12 on March 8 th and 9th.

The panelists will share their insights on current trends, challenges, and best practices in digital media and journalism and will brings together key experts of Disinformation such as Miguel Maduro, Chair of EDMO Executive Board and representatives from the European University Institute, as well as Alberto Rabbachin, Deputy Head of Unit at the European Commission DG CNECT, and Gianni Riotta, Coordinator of the Italian Digital Media Observatory, Lauri Tierala, EDMO Programme Director, Paula Gori, EDMO Secretary General, and Sally Reynolds, EDMO Director for Media Literacy, Media & Learning Association and EDMO and others. 

Each national and multinational hub brings together a network of organizations that are active in one or several Member States, providing specific knowledge of local information environments to strengthen the detection and analysis of disinformation campaigns, improve public awareness, and design effective responses for national audiences. By focusing on emerging digital media vulnerabilities and disinformation campaigns relevant to a specific territory and/or linguistic area, each hub represents a crucial source of knowledge on local information environments. 

The event is organized with the collaboration of the research center Luiss Data Lab and IDMO the Italian national hub that cover various aspects of the EDMO’s five strands, including journalism and fact-checking activities, monitoring of the elections, hate speech, supporting research on disinformation, building a public portal, designing a framework to ensure secure and privacy-protected access to platforms’ data for academic researchers, and supporting public authorities in monitoring policies put in place by online platforms to limit the spread and impact of disinformation. Among the IDMO partners there are TIM, RAI, TOR VERGATA UNIVERSITY, T6 ECOSYSTEMS, PAGELLA POLITICA, NEWSGUARD and Gedi group with la REPUBBLICA and it coordinated by the Luiss Research Center Data Lab under the direction of Gianni Riotta and Professor Livia De Giovanni.

The workshop will be started after the greetings by General Director of Luiss, Giovanni Lo Storto.